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Two couples’ long-standing friendship is tested by their sons’ involvement in the Iraq War. Frank and Joy’s son, Donny, has enlisted and is, subsequently, killed in combat. Andrew and Melanie’s son, Michael, in solidarity with Don, also enlists, but goes AWOL shortly after starting basic training.

Loyalties is a six character, full-length play (performed in two acts), set in 2005 at the height of America’s ‘War on Terror.’

3 men; 3 women; approximately 2 hours


Thomas Jarkowski, a forty-one year old high school history teacher, is in a struggle for his life. His four-year-old son died tragically eight years ago; he is divorced, living in a tenement, and indifferent to his work. On a hike one day, Tom comes upon an injured bird, which he soon learns might actually be a Passenger Pigeon, an animal long thought to be extinct. He decides to keep the Passenger Pigeon, and sets out to prove the truth of its origin.

Birdbrain is the story of a man who discovers a bit of magic in the world and, along with it, his will to live.

3 men; 3 women; 1 twelve year old boy; approximately 2 hours

An Idyllic Life

Lillian Cortessi has devoted her life to charitable causes. When an e-mail arrives from a Mrs. Joyce Bailo, a Nigerian-born woman, now widowed, living in London, Lillian’s interest is piqued. Joyce has been stricken by a brain tumor and given only a short time to live. She wishes Lillian to preside over the foundation she has set up in her husband’s name to carry on their life’s charitable work. When Lillian agrees to Joyce’s plan to visit her in America, she finds herself in a moral struggle that pits the desires of her family against her faith in mankind.

“An Idyllic Life” is a play about our enduring need to trust other human beings in a devious and untrustworthy world.

2 men; 4 women; approximately 2 hours

Bleeding Hearts

In the wake of the shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, a retired university professor, Edgar Shook, becomes enraged by the vitriol of a local right wing radio talk show host. He sets out on what appears to be a ‘fool’s errand’ -- to put an end to the incivility and rancor going out over the airwaves. But his confrontational and extreme actions continue to mar his efforts to do good in the world, and, most painfully, estrange him further from his wife and children.

4 men; 3 women; approximately 2 hours

In the Dark

Dr. Jonathan Salk receives a phone call in the middle of the night. It is from his mother -- dead now for many years. As he and his wife, Alice, try to sort out the mystery, the painful secrets of their life together are revealed.

1 man; 1 woman; 12 minutes

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Foreign Bodies

There's a crisis in the home of Wendell and Winnie Wrigley -- their son Tommy has begun wearing women's clothing; and when Wendell, after suffering a head trauma, finds he can only speak with a French accent, the Wrigley's well-ordered lives are irreparably altered.

3 man; 2 woman; 2 hours

Battle of Addison Island

Dr. Henry Torrance, and his wife and daughter quite unexpectedly find themselves in the midst of a revolution when they learn that a renegade political group has taken over the Maine state government and seceded from the union.

4 man; 2 women; 2 hours

Already Forgotten

A visit to his ex-wife changes a big time Hollywood agent’s life forever.

1 man; 1 woman; 12 minutes

Little Old Lady from Talafofo

America is in the midst of a hotly contested presidential election. On the eve of the conventions, one party has two candidates who are hopelessly deadlocked. Fortunately, there is one remaining uncommitted delegate. The delegate, however -- an old lady with environmental concerns -- happens to reside in the village of Talafofo on the island of Guam. With a typhoon of historic proportion approaching, the two desperate candidates converge on the old lady’s home to vie for her support.

2 women, 1 man; 12 minutes

Lost In Time

Danny Petrelli, a 60 year-old man, wakes up one morning as his 23 year-old self. When he attempts to re-connect with his future wife and rectify mistakes he has made, he inadvertently changes (and possibly destroys) everything he values.

Lost in Time is about the destructive power of manipulating your life. And the losses you will suffer if you don’t embrace what’s in front of you, in the here and now.

2 men; 2 women; 90 minutes